Tomasz Böhm is a polish documentary photographer based in Mikołów, Poland, born in 1988.
He graduated with a master’s degree from the Department of Transport at the Silesian University of Technology in Katowice and a master’s degree from The Institute of Creative Photography (Institut Tvůrčí Fotografie) at the Silesian University in Opava in Czech Republic.
Tomasz is a member of the Forum Press Agency.

Tomasz's fascination with documentary photography started 10 years ago with the discovery of the work of
Alec Soth and his project "Broken Manual" which changed Tomasz’s perception of the space and the aesthetics in photography.
Photography became for him a significant medium and the tool in creating a dialog in art in general. Since then Tomasz has
developed his own very characteristic style.

Supporter of the ideas of equality, independence of the individual and self-reliance, he emphasizes the autonomy of each person in determining
their moral, spiritual and social truths. Tomasz's works focus on presenting nature as a predominant and highly elusive force against the activity of man.
His melancholic perspective towards the world results in photographs presenting interdependence between nature and human feelings, emotions.


2021 TŘI DEKÁDY, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, group exhibition / Katowice, Poland
2020 A HUNDRED YEARS ON THE COLONIES, Al.Jerozolimskie-Chałubińskiego, group exhibition / Warsaw, Poland
2019 MADE IN OPAVA, Museum of the history of Katowice, group exhibition / Katowice, Poland
2018 BOOKI STUDYING PHOTOBOOKS, Skala Gallery, group exhibition / Poznań, Poland
2018 NOTHING LEFT TO BE SAVED, The Fort Institute of Photography, group exhibition / Warsaw, Poland
2018 11th UNICEF INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL, group exhibition / Poznań, Poland
2017 KRAJINA STUDENTŮ ITF, Opera Gallery, group exhibition / Opava, Czech Republic
2017 PRAGUE PHOTO, group exhibition / Prague, Czech Republic
2017 SOUKROMA TERITORIA, Dům umění, group exhibition / Opava, Czech Republic
2015 DEBUTS, group exhibition / Łódź, Warszawa, Opole, Kraków, Poland